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Men Weight Loss Sauna Tank Top

$19.99 USD

Color: Sauna Tank Black


  • Zipper design.Neoprene material not only increases body temperature but also absorbs sweat and let you always dry on the outside. burn back fat and sharper charming back. Increased sweating and flatten abdomen to body shaper and slimming.
  • You could lose Tummy weight by this men muscle vest for exercise,workout,fitness. This slim tank top dress makes you sweat and offers body warm and heat up your core abdominal area to slim and reduce the size of your stomach
  • Burn your belly and back fat like a waist trainer corset, help your body to sweat out harmful fats by this man clothes,provide instant abdominal compression and lumbar support, Promote weight loss by preserving body heat and stimulating sweat during.
  • It has a flatter tummy effect by a compressed elastic.Best for GYM Sport ready,sweat,fat burn and lose weight,reduce belly body care bodybuilding.Excellent for your gym training and lose weight as it works so quick to get the result you want.
  • High quality sauna sweat suit:SAUNA SUIT SHIRT clothing allows more of your skin to breathe. it is the best weight loss tank top to help you effectively lose weight wearing as a slimming undershirt wear or a shapewear underwear.